You Want One. You Know You Do.

Pay a visit to Sarah and the Goon Squad to see what I’ll be taking with me to BlogHer. Cardboard coffee sleeves, be gone!

Seriously. I don’t want to haul them back home, and I can’t think of a single relative who will want one. And if you’re in the market for custom goodies, Sarah is totally your source. She was easy to work with, fast, and made the whole process painless.

  • iknitalone

    those are great! I'm sure they will be snapped up very quickly!

  • sarahgoonsquadsarah

    I think it goes without saying that I want one. :)

  • Headless Mom

    I'd love one! Now if I could just come up with something of my own…

  • Suzy

    I think you underestimate your relatives.

  • ClumberKim

    You are the only one who would want one, and you don't drink coffee.