Weight Watching

I’ve been back on the Weight Watchers bandwagon for ten weeks and I’ve lost 22 pounds. I have 30 left to lose, according to all the magic charts for height and age. The last two times I did WW I didn’t qualify for the age bonus. Oof.

Just ten weeks ago I weighed more than I did the day I delivered either kid. I started each pregnancy about 10-15 pounds overweight. I gained 35 pounds each time. Ten weeks ago I weighed more. You do the math. (Or not. Please.)

If I want to live long enough to see grandchildren, changes were required. Apparently Weight Watchers changed too, when I wasn’t paying attention. My previous, and pretty successful, attempts had all been a struggle after the second week. Enough of a struggle that I could get to 20-25 pounds in 5-6 months and I would give up. Not this time.

I’m finding it’s just a little too easy for my comfort and there are no plateaus in sight. I just keep chugging along at a steady pace. Certainly some days have been better than others but week by week it’s all good.

As I have lost weight, the points earned for exercise have been harder to earn, but I made a fun discovery last night. Thanks to MapMyRun and my iPhone, I learned my walks with Dudley, the foster dog, have been faster than I’ve been giving myself credit for. I had been entering them in the WW tracker as being less than 3 mph. They are really more in the 4.2-4.5 mph range. (The dog insists on power walking!) Tonight we did 1.66 miles in 24 minutes.

Updated: Woah…Thanks, WordPress, for eating the end of my post and making it look like I fell asleep while writing it. I didn’t! Honest! Pinky-swear. Power walking no longer leaves me winded and tired! Here’s my best recollection of the rest of the post:

Another discovery is that all my pants and shorts are suddenly too big. In April I was afraid I would have nothing to wear when warm weather hit and that was another good motivator to make some changes. I was down to just one pair of shorts that fit at the end of last summer. After avoiding the dryer like the plague, I discovered putting my shorts in the dryer is a poor-man’s taking in at the tailor! I’m hoping to get through this summer without buying new shorts, though I won’t be eating more to make that happen.

So what have I been doing, in addition to power walking? Wii Fit, for one thing. Tracking WW points on my phone and computer. The app and web interface are loads better than in the past, though an iPad optimized version is still sorely needed. Eating fruits and vegetables. (All the great things in season now are helping. Peaches are cheap! And farmer’s markets are so much fun this time of year.) And finally, paying attention to portion sizes. Weighing and measuring. Counting pistachios  and PopChips. Wearing out the battery on my digital scale.

If all goes well, a few people won’t recognize me at BlogHer 11 in a few weeks!

  • Anonymous

    I expect to see BlogHer pictures of you being even more badass than last year.  Everyone has such good things to say about the improvements, I can’t wait to try it out in August when I get through the first postpartum phase.

  • Goonsquadsarah

    That kicks ass. Good for you!