Twinkle Toes

Oliver's toes on Twitpic These dainty toes belong to my six year old son. His younger sister has been pestering me to paint her nails for a few weeks. Since she’s still sucking her thumb, and I fully intend to use this as leverage, we compromised and painted her toes pink after her shower tonight. The toe separators were tough to put on her tiny feet.

Her brother insisted he should get in on the action. Not surprisingly, the toe separators fit a whole lot better. Rather than pink, we settled on just a sparkly top-coat. He should be the hit of camp tomorrow.

Yeah, I debated not doing it for about 2 seconds. It wasn’t worth turning into a big deal. He did ask if I could do Daddy’s toes next. Best.Question.Ever.

  • Anonymous

    M has asked her dad about painting his toes.  Love watching him fumble over it.  Especially when she picked his favorite color to paint HER nails.

  • ClumberKim

    Oliver failed to show off his toes at camp today. I’m so disappointed! (It really would be a safe environment. Small crew this week, all friends.)

  • red_pen_mama

    I have every expectation that my son will have polished toenails at some point. He may even occasionally wear a dress. He’s got big sisters, so this is inevitable. I think “gender” for kids means very little at these ages. And more and more in society there is less of the idea “boys only to X” and “girls only do Y”. And that’s a good thing.

    Now, the people hiding their child’s sex on the other hand are crazy. ;-)