Taking It On The Road: New York Edition

So you see how well this blogging in Pittsburgh thing is going, right? Yeah, not so much. Time to take this show on the road! I’m off to BlogHer ‘10 in New York later this week. Nothing has come up to thwart my efforts to attend, like last year. I have a plane ticket. (Two of ‘em, but that’s a whole other story.) I have a hotel room and someone to share it with. No, I haven’t met her yet but we like dogs and Nutella. What else is there? I have some party tickets. No, Martha didn’t invite me to her shindig. So what? And I have tickets to MOMA and Yankee Stadium. (I haven’t gone over to the darkside. They are playing the Red Sox!)

And I have a goal! Thanks to Susan, whose post about what to wear to BlogHer I really did print and hang in my closet, I have thought about what I want to get out of BlogHer. My main goal is to not get intimidated into paralysis, as happened after Mom 2.0 Summit. I had such a great time in Houston but I came back so awed by all the amazing women and their phenomenal writing that I was sure I had nothing to say that would measure up. Nothing. Maybe that’s true, but that’s also not a good enough reason to stop blogging. Write like nobody’s reading, or something like that.

I’ll be honest. It’s not the blogging that I love. I was not born to write. I don’t have a deep longing to express myself in words. What gets me jazzed is meeting people, hearing their stories, and connecting them with others to make great things happen. If I could find a way to do that every day getting up in the morning wouldn’t be much of a problem. Taking a few more steps in that direction is goal number two.

My third goal? Eat a burger at Shake Shack. (I know…but I want to be sucked in by the hype anyway.) Lastly, to enjoy a few days by myself, with no one calling me “mum” or “mama,” and absolutely no other behinds to wipe. Sleep a little, maybe.

I really cannot wait to be back in New York. I was going every year for a while, in February for the dog show. On my last trip I was very pregnant and spent 26 hours at JFK. I think the trauma has finally worn off.

I've been swagged by @goodsquadsarah on TwitpicAlso? I have swag. Thanks to Sarah, who you should go see at her Sports panel on Saturday, I have these really cute coffee sleeves. Just say no to the disposable cardboard! Please ask me for one. It’s likely I won’t be brave enough to offer, despite not wanting to bring any of them home. And I have Civilettes from Greer Chicago. Also cute, also reusable, but so, so powerful. Chandra was so kind to send me some to share with my friends. If you like stationery, cards, and other beautiful things, you need to check out Greer. (Disclosure:  Greer Chicago is not sponsoring my trip. I suggested to Chandra that people who go to BlogHer might be interested in her products and she graciously sent me a little box to share.)

I should get back to packing. I didn’t lose that 40 pounds (yet!) so clothes are more than a little depressing just now. And I have a pretty scary haircut, too. But none of that matters, really. I plan to have a great time in New York, and to write both during AND after BlogHer.

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  • iknitalone

    Enjoy your trip!

  • Goonsquadsarah

    I will see you there! I cannot wait for the game.

  • Suebob

    Awesome to meet you. Sorry about the pictures of your fluffy butt on my blog.