Take Me Out To the Ballgame, About 30 Times

It may not be spring in Pittsburgh but baseball players all over Florida and Arizona are getting ready for the Major League Baseball season. Oliver was positively giddy to discover the new version of MLB At Bat on my iPhone this morning.

When I picked him up at school this afternoon he immediately started trying to pry the phone out of my jacket pocket. When I wouldn’t give it to him the interrogation began. “Did the Pirates beat the Yankees? How did the Red Sox do?” Just like that, it may as well have been August of last year.

A couple of months ago we were lucky enough to be offered phenomenal seats for Red Sox vs Indians in June, right after school is out. The road trip is planned, including a hotel for collapsing into after he attends his first night game, and a side trip to Canton.

Oliver and I started talking about what other teams he would like to see. It was soon clear visiting every major league ballpark was something we were both interested in doing.

Since goals are good, we are aiming for completion by 2023, the year Oliver will likely graduate from high school. 30 ballparks in 13 years doesn’t sound bad at all. It’s really only 29 since we have already been to PNC Park many times. Cleveland is already on the agenda. We’re hoping to pay a visit to Sarah and the Goon Squad to take in a Nationals game this summer. Baltimore isn’t far so maybe we will get to Camden Yards to see the Orioles too. If we accomplish all that this summer we will be left with 26 parks in 12 years and many epic roadtrips, some with the whole family, some with additional guests, and a few for just the two of us. Piece of cake, right?

Play ball!!! This is gonna be a lot of fun.

  • jennlocke

    May he never lose the joy! I loved reading about your plans. What a totally cool family bonding experience. I laughed, too, when I read about it because my husband is equally excited by baseball season – he's a spring training now!

  • suzynat

    Don't forget the Hall of Fame, we need to plan a trip.

  • clumberkim

    Absolutely. You did see the hat?

  • red_pen_mama

    Thinks it's good to have goals!

  • red_pen_mama

    Wow, can you tell I've been on Plurk a lot lately?

    *ahem* I think it's fabulous to have goals. And you and your family will have a great time enjoying the nation's national past time.

  • sarahgoonsquadsarah

    It is going to be so cool. I should do this with the NFL… but over a lifetime. I've been to 4 out of 32 so far.

  • twobusy

    Man, that's a great idea.