So That Happened

I have neglected this blog for too long. It’s not that nothing has happened. Too much has happened. Too many entirely blog-worthy things. It’s the words that didn’t happen. It’s not you. It’s me.

Here are the highlights, so to speak, in mostly chronological order:

  • I went back to Weight Watchers. On-line only this time. Much to my surprise, the changes in the program since my last attempt are fantastic. I’m not struggling at all, and sometimes I think it’s a little too easy. As of yesterday, I have shed 21 pounds in a little less than 10 weeks. According to the magic WW charts, I have another 31 left to lose, but I am ecstatic with my progress. Realizing I weighed six pounds more than I did the day I delivered each kid was a wake-up call. I’m going to try to write about weight-related things on Mondays, after my morning weigh-in. No promises, however.
  • I stopped working. I can’t say much more than that, except that not working full time is a glorious thing. Within a week I had an offer of a small, part-time project that I can do from home. There may have been angels singing.
  • Mr C had two trips. It probably should have been one long one but he came home for a few days in the middle. While he was home, at one of Oliver’s soccer practices, he tore his ACL.
  • School for Oliver ended. Moving up day was a success, especially in the “not a dry eye in the house” sense of success. He knows the native Americans called corn, beans, and squash “The Three Sisters.” He’s allowed to move on to first grade.
  • Due to an entirely unanticipated set of events, we learned Eleanor will not have the same teacher Oliver did in pre-k. Sort of. The assistant he had for both pre-k and kindergarten is going to be the lead teacher in her pre-k classroom. We adore her and look forward to a great year. Still, unsettling. Something similar in appearance, though in reality very different, happened a few weeks before Oliver started pre-k and I didn’t like the flashbacks. Deja vu all over again, except not. Anyway.
  • We got a foster dog! He’s a four year old Clumber spaniel named Dudley. His owner, who lived locally, passed away. Her family contacted one of the local shelters, and they gave them my contact info. Our breed rescue group has found a forever home for him in New Jersey. He will be with us a short while longer and then relocate. It’s amazing to have a younger dog in the house after so many years with geriatrics. He has a ton of energy, and we are slowly discovering what he knows (sit, down, roll over(!)). We fall in love a little more every day but we will continue to wait for our next dog.
  • Penguin has not been doing well. Our vet discovered a couple of tumors. She had surgery last week on the one that needed more immediate attention (and was easy to remove). It turned out to be a malignant carcinoma. We have a follow up consultation with the oncologist soon, and one with internal medicine regarding the smaller tumor. That one is causing symptoms we may be able to manage with medication, and frequent ultrasounds to check the tumor’s status. She’s nearly thirteen and a half so aggressive treatment isn’t in the cards.

Honestly, with all of that and my family visiting last weekend and three baseball games, I feel like I have been busier than at any other time in my life. I doubt that’s really true, but that’s the view from here. I keep thinking I should be doing more, I should be happier, I should be calmer with the kids. I’m not quite there yet, but I see glimmers of good things ahead.

So what got me writing again? Frankly, the fear that BlogHer is coming up in just a few weeks. Abandon your blog and go to BlogHer? Nope. Not me. It was well past time to climb back on the horse. Make it so, and all that. Your encouragement means a lot.

  • Momof2Boys

    Yay!  You’re back!

    1.  Congratulations on the weight loss!  Online didn’t work out for me so I ended up back at meetings which IS working so yay for that.  I’m glad the online program is so successful for you!  I love that fruit and veg (most of them) are free on the new points program.

    2.  Holy crap, I didn’t realize you quit your job.  Are you happy with the decision?  Now that you aren’t working, we should get together.  I assumed that I was alone in the SAHM thing.  :)

    3.  That’s sad about Penguin.  :(  I know that she might not get better but I hope she can be as comfortable as possible.

    4.  Yay!  You’re back!  (I said that already, didn’t I?)