Raining and Pouring

Neighbor doc took at look at my knee on Friday night. House call, for the win! Anyway, he looked at the knee and the MRI results, and asked if I’d like to have a little surgery on Tuesday. It’s that, or wait until after Christmas, so I agreed. Getting all the pre-op testing done on Monday is looking like the major challenge, given the forecast for 3-5 inches of snow and high winds to start overnight. Cross any non-injured parts you might have, please.

Since the knee injury clearly wasn’t enough to deal with, I tweaked my lower back Saturday morning. Eleanor refused to cooperate with putting her shoes on after ballet. Trying to protect my knee, and hindered by the giant brace, I bent at the waist instead of the knees. On the way back up, I felt the twinge. It’s making it hard to sleep, or do much of anything. Thank goodness for football. [Check out the video I just posted on Draft Day Suit of the Metrodome collapse!]

  • Devra

    I hope they give you a lot of pain meds for a little surgery. Sounds like you need to sleep!

  • http://clumberkim.com ClumberKim

    Thanks Devra. Vicodin has been promised.