Penguin Bridge

Penguin, our 13 year old Clumber Spaniel, has become a nose with legs. She is blind and mostly deaf (perhaps completely, I’m not sure). But her nose? Works perfectly. And since she’s in good physical shape, she has no trouble trying to climb on counters, or the sofa if a kid has food. She tries to get into trash cans too. It’s like having a puppy around.

Well, not quite like having a puppy. She’s much lower maintenance than a puppy, given that she spends most of the day sleeping.

I worry now that she’s once again the only dog. It’s a little too close to a dog-free house than I want to be. The last time we were in this position she was 9. It still scared me. It’s terrifying at 13. After living 25 dog-free years, I don’t ever want to be without a dog again.

We’re working on adding another Clumber to the family but it could take a while for the right dog to be available. It will be worth the wait, of course, but I’m still worried. Every day is another day closer to the day Penguin isn’t here anymore.

  • ChickLitLisa

    My dachshund Chloe is 11 1/2…and I worry every day about how we are closer to the day she’s not here. She recently has had several back and neck issues–thankfully they were not major and all healed (well, one is still healing as it is recent) but each one reminds me that she’s getting older.

    I have had cats-and mourned them as we lost them…but I cannot imagine losing Chloe.

  • ClumberKim

    Dachshunds and Clumbers are both prone to back/neck issues. Long and low is what they have in common. Maybe more. There’s a study of intervertebral disc disease coming. Clumbers make a better research population than Dachshunds so we’re cooperating. Hoping the study leads to help for both breeds!