Making It So

Toledo Scale

From GenBug on Flickr. Licensed through Creative Commons.

It’s not exactly what I had in mind with my recent Make It So post, but it has to be done. I signed up for Weight Watchers on-line program today. I weigh more today than I did the day I gave birth to either kid. It’s not pretty and I feel like absolute hell. It’s clear I’ve been eating my frustration so this is the first step.

The good news is the changes to the Weight Watchers program mean I can’t just slide into auto-pilot. It’s different enough that I need to pay attention to everything. I can’t guess how many points a food might be, and some of the foods I used to eat have different values now. This is a very good thing. It would be a lot easier to engage in self-sabotage if the program had stayed the same.

With Day One in the books, I like the changes. The iPhone app is a lot better, though Weight Watchers still does a lousy job of having restaurant food information, at least for the places I frequent. The information is out there on a variety of websites. It’s just a pain to have to search for it.

UPDATE: Yo, worm people!  Heidi and E Albert, you get the little bins! Email me (and I know both of you can find me pretty easily!) to make arrangements for delivery. Delora, I’ll bring some worms to you when I head to your fair city for some baseball later in the season. You get the book too!

  • Lhwhit

    so, if I had signed up and won you would have delivered?

  • ClumberKim

    I’ll make you a bin you can take home on the plane!

  • Momof2Boys

    Congrats on the Weight Watchers! You know I’m doing it, too. :) I also like the changes in the points system and I find having all fruit and most veggies be free of points to be such a HUGE help. It allows me to fill out meals with a large serving (really, two servings) of fruit/veg without digging into my points allowance.

    Go you!

  • Suzy

    sequel to “Snakes on a Plane”?

  • Greerchicago2

    You’re on your way, Kim. I’m working on dropping some lbs too. Pats on the back to us both.