I Wasn’t Offended

Everyone lived through batting. Next week there might even be... on Twitpic

Oliver started playing organized (heh) baseball this spring. It’s been an adventure in so many ways. Last night, week 3, they finally got their hands on bats. When I suggested to the head of the program that helmets might be useful all he could muster was, “Um, okay. Yeah. Sure.”

O is in a group of 4 and 5 year olds and seems to be the only one with an attention span greater than a flea. They ignore the coaches, roll around on the ground, and generally make me want to send them all to a giant quiet stair. Nearly everyone in his group goes to the same school and is tight. The parents are tight too, chattering away about the latest school gossip during baseball, paying no attention to their kid who is goofing off.

They annoy me on principle, but last night took the cake. I was biting my tongue so hard I was tasting blood. No joke.

They were going off on how teachers are imposing their political views because one kid came home saying, “President Obama is a good man.” The parent then explained how they sat their son down and explained all the ways President Obama is a criminal because he is stealing from them and turning the country into a Communist nation. This went on for 15 minutes, with the parent stopping every 2 minutes to say, “I hope I’m not offending anyone.”

Now picture the scene. Me in a chair beside the field. All of them sitting in a little cluster behind me. Who did they think they were offending, I wonder?

I am not disputing their concern about politics in the school, or their freedom to share their views with their kid. Just don’t call us for a playdate.

Somehow, I think we’re safe.

  • http://albamaria30.wordpress.com red_pen_mama

    Why wouldn't the parent just have said (to the child), “I don't agree with your teacher.” Jeez louise, that's a lot of [probably incorrect] information to give a 5-year-old.

    you should have totally turned around and said something. Although I also completely understand how difficult that is!