Happy Birthday Suebob!

I am lucky to have some very good friends in the blogging world. Friends who tolerate my extra special brand of annoying craziness. They even introduce me to their friends. Last year’s BlogHer conference in New York was no exception. Laurie and Sarah, my posse at Yankee Stadium, introduced me to Suebob Davis. We shared a great brunch and I’ve been reading her blog and following her on Twitter ever since. (She unfollowed me briefly, after an unfortunate tweet including one of her forbidden topics. Like Laurie says, Suebob is a forgiving soul.)

Today is Suebob’s 50th birthday. Holy shit! (And that’s me realizing I’m less than five years away from that milestone of epic proportions. May I wear it as gracefully!) She’s been posting daily for the last fifty days, highlighting a charity that is important to her. It’s amazing, and covers a wide range of causes, from the other side of the world to your home town. As we say in Pittsburgh, go check it aht a’nat. I’ll wait.

See what I mean? Amazing. The one I want to mention here is Write Girl. As someone who only this year, my 45th year, discovered she doesn’t hate writing, this program speaks to me. I want to bring it to Pittsburgh, and I’ve talked to someone who I know can make that happen. It really should be in every city, empowering girls through writing.

Thank you Suebob, for being a writer and using your talents to bring the magic to our world. Of all the dogs I don’t know in the world, Goldie is the one I most want to meet. Can we make that happen?

And thanks to Laurie and Karen for organizing this celebration of Suebob. Yinz rock.

  • Karianna

    Hooray – Happy Birthday Suebob!

  • Sue Davis

    Thank you for the kind words, Kim. And about unfollowing? I have unfollowed all the great people at one point or another, so I wouldn’t take it too personally. I haz my moods.

    Smooches. And I hope you do get that WriteGirl thing going. It is an amazing experience to see the girls’ eyes open to what they can do. And they really did teach me a lot about writing – so it is a two-way street.