Four Five

Today is my forty-fifth birthday. Half way to ninety. Sheesh. Let’s not dwell on that. Not today.

Let’s catch up on a few things instead.

  • Knee surgery happened on December 14. Recovery has been uneventful. I go to physical therapy three times a week. Despite slacking on my exercises at home, the knee is getting steadily better. PT guy assures me I’ll be fine by mid-February, when I’m planning to show a field spaniel at the Westminster Kennel Club dog show in Madison Square Garden.
  • Christmas happened. Also pretty uneventful.
  • THE WINTER CLASSIC so totally happened. I had a blast with Sarah and Laurie but the Penguins lost. Sadness.
  • We sold our other house! Now that? Eventful!!! Actually it was kind of anti-climactic. We put it on the market on January 3 and we had a settled deal less than two weeks later. We close February 28. I’ll be glad to see that chapter end. We have had two mortgages since October 31, 2006.  We moved out of that house around March 20, 2007. Enough.
  • I went to a dog show with BFF JT. I miss her like crazy. Despite about 10 hours in the car and all the time in the hotel, it still wasn’t enough. Miss her.
  • I’m taking a writing class and working on blog posts. We’ll just have to see if you can spot the posts that get more than one draft before I hit “publish.”
  • Oliver lost a front tooth, continues as a tour guide at his school, and is doing great with indoor soccer.
  • Eleanor loves ballet, her Toy Story toys, and driving me crazy. She had her pre-k screening last week.
  • The dogs celebrated birthdays. Bubba turned 15 in December, and Penguin turned 13 last week.

And finally, as of a few minutes ago, the Steelers are going to the Super Bowl. Once again, Mr C will be on the other coast for the game, but he doesn’t have to fly on game day this time.

Come back Tuesday for a giveaway!!

  • Momof2Boys

    Happy Birthday, Kim!

  • Average Jane

    Happy birthday!

  • Goonsquadsarah

    Happy late birthday, congrats on the house, and Pittsburgh is having one hell of a sports decade.