Coming Soon, A New Addition


Photo by Orsorama, via Creative Commons license

No, oh HELL no, I’m not pregnant. Remember? But we are going to have a new family member in a few weeks. I plan to tease you a bit before then. Make that a lot. Mercilessly. I wanted to go get him as soon as our foster dog went to his forever home but we have a little vacation-slash-BlogHer thing happening soon. It seemed like the smarter option to wait a bit.

I have toyed with the idea of writing more about the dogs in my life. We hope this one will generate some great blog fodder, and also give me a chance to show how a dog can be a family pet and a show dog (see what I mean? teaser!!). Maybe a few other things too. Tracking and therapy are high on my list.

So keep an eye out for more about the new addition. I might even put a brand new tab with his name on this here blog.

What do you think? Anyone interested in the adventures of a new canine joining casa de ClumberKim?

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