clearing the cobwebs

In an effort to clear the cobwebs around here, I’m going to sweep everything into a big ol’ pile (not a steaming one, but a pile nonetheless). Since last we chatted, on Eleanor’s birthday, life has been nothing short of insane. My calendar is a mass of entries and so many colors I can’t see straight.

Here are a few of the highlights, and unfortunately a few lowlights, from the last few weeks:

The day Mr C left for a few days in Cupertino and our dog Bubba, the 14 year old rescue, promptly decided to inhale dinner instead of chewing it. He’s always been an enthusiastic eater but this was ridiculous. He got a piece of apple lodged in his throat. To say I was frantic would be an understatement, and the whole story is worthy of a post all by itself. My vet was able to clear his airway and stabilize him, taking almost 2 hours. He needed oxygen and careful monitoring so I took him to the specialist vet for overnight care. He pulled through, surprising all the vets by going home the next day. It’s been a slow process but he’s doing very well considering the trauma and his age. I still need to find a way to thank the vets and techs who cared so well for Bubba, and the neighbors and friends who took care of my kids during the crisis and aftermath. [If you happen to see The Bark magazine, check out the issue with four puppies on the cover. Turn to page 71. There's Bubba!]

Disney sent me a big box of loot and said I should throw a party on a really tight timeframe. Luckily, I have some most excellent friends who will come over on short notice. They also bring their kids to amuse mine, great food for us to share, and generous donations for sick kids. We collected a bunch of dvd movies that will go to Children’s Hospital next week.

This one is for @JanePitt on Twitpic

[I'm getting tired just thinking about all this.]

When PostSecret came to CMU, I was lucky enough to be there, along with the amazing Cooper Munroe of TheMotherhood. Cooper and I had exchanged email and talked on the phone, but never managed to meet IRL until that night. I felt like I had found a member of my tribe in Cooper. If you haven’t see the new look over at TheMotherhood you really should check it out.

Oliver started baseball. It’s his first foray into organized sports and is proving to be an adventure. I am wishing we had tried soccer first. And I probably shouldn’t say any more about that until we complete the program.

We hired a carpenter to build some shelves and cabinets in our living room. He’s been great to work with and I can’t wait to see the finished product. This is part of the bigger plan to get the living room and new family room in the basement into shape. I need an extra day in the week to wrangle the various contractors I need. Damn day job.

[Sheesh. Isn't she done yet?]

Eleanor made a return trip to the eye doctor. There isn’t much to report. We will keep going with the glasses and see him again in October. The amazing part was how much more articulate she has become compared to three months ago. I thought it was parental pride until the doctor and assistant commented on it, separately.

Then there was the big performance of The Very Hungry Caterpillar at Oliver’s school. The kids got a case of contagious silliness but the art show was fantastic. His teacher did a great job of turning it into a teachable moment and all reports of the performance two days later were that it was very well done. My big accomplishment was tracking down the required black pants, having them arrive in the right size and with a whole day to spare.

This was followed quickly by our first visit to an urgent care facility. Oliver acquired a rather large splinter at my office party, held in the Japanese garden at Phipps Conservatory. Our attempts to remove it didn’t go well so I tried calling the nurseline for advice. Although we were in and out of MedExpress in about half an hour, something I am told is unpossible, it was not without drama. Oliver screamed at the sight of any and all medical professionals. I had to lay on top of him when the doctor removed the splinter. She ended up deciding the tiny splinter we found in his other hand could work itself out. Did I mention the remaining splinter is in his middle finger? Or that he waves it at anyone who will look? I thought his teacher was going to keel over from holding in her laughter the next morning at school when he walked in holding up *that* finger. Hysterical.

[Almost there. Promise.]

We survived Spring Fling, Mother’s Day and our 7th wedding anniversary. Though we agreed not to get anniversary gifts due to the aforementioned house projects, my fabulous husband got us matching iPads. As a result, I may never be seen here again.

Heh. No such luck.

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