BADASS Explained

I have been told I have some splainin’ to do vis a vis the BADASS arm painting photo. The short version is that I went to BlogHer ‘10 in New York, where Karen Walrond and Gabrielle Blair were making magic with their paintbrushes. I can only guess that I had ingested some liquid courage (it’s a pretty safe guess for BlogHer) when I found myself in line to be painted, along with my two favorite doses of courage in human form, Sarah and Laurie. I totally stole “BADASS” from Sarah, but she graciously took my suggestion to go with “METAL”. Maybe she was so nice because I had been next in line for a little painty-paint from Katherine Center at Mom 2.0 Summit in Houston last February when the two of them hauled me off to T‘Afia for dinner (which was A-OK by me, seriously — the memory of that meal will be with me for a long time).

So I spent the rest of an awesome night sporting BADASS on my arm. I met some incredibly talented women, including Velma, Fairly Odd Mother, Amelia Sprout, and ChickyBaby (who I met the day before and who was even more of a sanity-restoring friend that I ever could have imagined) and others I know I am forgetting. Forgive me. I am old. While I thought better of venturing out on my own around midnight (for some reason, visiting the 24 hour Apple Store sounded like a grand idea for about 30 seconds), I did feel like a BADASS for a little while.

That little bit of attitude served me well a couple of nights later, when I donned my Red Sox gear and got on the subway, headed for Yankee Stadium.

And that, my friends, is as close as I am likely to get to a BlogHer recap.

  • Pghrugbyangel

    I HAVE to tell you. I LOVED the badass arm thingamagig. To me, you had no 'splainin. I know you. You are Bad Ass, but you are also kind and lovely. And you are not old. If I'm still 29? You are as well… :-) Truth!!!

    I'm having trouble deciding if it's because we are who we are now, or because of playing rugby before all the new padding, lifting and such… I only know three or 4 people now who played then and have seen the new stuff or played with the new 'laws.'

    I feel like I need that on my arm as well, even though I don't have kids, I have a small child army (does that count? I added one to the army in Florida!! Maybe two!)

    Anyway, I think you ROCK. I need to return your FlipCam (thank you sooooo much!) when you're home – I have stories about it. And I need some O and E time!!! Let me know!!

  • Goonsquadsarah

    Plus, you are totally a badass.

  • Tania

    You are a total badass. You scare me. I slept with one eye open. ;)