Over There

I’m over at Draft Day Suit. Talking baseball, bad calls, and hashtags.
Go take a look.

Let’s Go Bucs

After 18 consecutive losing seasons, the formerly hapless Pittsburgh Pirates are heading into the All-Star break four games over .500 and exactly ONE game out of the division lead. The TV commentators were speculating this afternoon about a possible run for the division during the second half of the season, or at least the wildcard. [...]

BADASS Explained

I have been told I have some splainin’ to do vis a vis the BADASS arm painting photo. The short version is that I went to BlogHer ‘10 in New York, where Karen Walrond and Gabrielle Blair were making magic with their paintbrushes. I can only guess that I had ingested some liquid courage (it’s [...]

And Over There, Too

I’m over at Draft Day Suit, ranting about stupidity in baseball.

Taking It On The Road: New York Edition

So you see how well this blogging in Pittsburgh thing is going, right? Yeah, not so much. Time to take this show on the road! I’m off to BlogHer ‘10 in New York later this week. Nothing has come up to thwart my efforts to attend, like last year. I have a plane ticket. (Two [...]

Wordless Wednesday (er, um Thursday): Dancing Fool

Now: Snoring

Right now Oliver is snoring in the bed next to mine in a Cleveland hotel. He just attended his first night baseball game. He’s got Wally in one hand and the baseball he acquired in the other.
More about the first leg of OperationBallpark tomorrow.

I Wasn’t Offended

Oliver started playing organized (heh) baseball this spring. It’s been an adventure in so many ways. Last night, week 3, they finally got their hands on bats. When I suggested to the head of the program that helmets might be useful all he could muster was, “Um, okay. Yeah. Sure.”
O is in a group of [...]

I Thought I Had a Few More Years

Wednesday is Library Day for Oliver’s class. The kids are allowed to take one book home and keep it for the week. We’ve been pushing Oliver to choose something other than football or baseball books, mostly because we want him to branch out but also because my eyes glaze over a bit when the finer [...]

Take Me Out To the Ballgame, About 30 Times

It may not be spring in Pittsburgh but baseball players all over Florida and Arizona are getting ready for the Major League Baseball season. Oliver was positively giddy to discover the new version of MLB At Bat on my iPhone this morning.
When I picked him up at school this afternoon he immediately started trying to [...]