Sympathy Card

Last night I finally screwed up the courage to write a sympathy card to friends who recently lost their dog. I hate writing that sort of card but it wasn’t just any dog. Luka was a Clumber spaniel and a very special friend of mine. I showed Luka when he was a puppy, and helped [...]

I’ve Been Holding Out On You

I’ve been a bad, bad blogger. Not only have I been ignoring my blog, I’ve been playing. With my puppy. For weeks now. And keeping him ALL.TO.MYSELF! I teased you back in August and then totally left you hanging. Not cool, I know. Or, in the words of one of my favorite local bloggers, “OK. [...]

Coming Soon, A New Addition

No, oh HELL no, I’m not pregnant. Remember? But we are going to have a new family member in a few weeks. I plan to tease you a bit before then. Make that a lot. Mercilessly. I wanted to go get him as soon as our foster dog went to his forever home but we [...]

One Door Closes

Dudley, our foster dog, is moving on tomorrow. He’s going to what we expect will be his forever home in New Jersey. Some great folks have stepped up to drive parts of his journey and if all goes well, he will be in his new home before dinner.
He has been with us just a few [...]

So That Happened

I have neglected this blog for too long. It’s not that nothing has happened. Too much has happened. Too many entirely blog-worthy things. It’s the words that didn’t happen. It’s not you. It’s me.
Here are the highlights, so to speak, in mostly chronological order:

I went back to Weight Watchers. On-line only this time. Much to [...]


Penguin, our 13 year old Clumber Spaniel, has become a nose with legs. She is blind and mostly deaf (perhaps completely, I’m not sure). But her nose? Works perfectly. And since she’s in good physical shape, she has no trouble trying to climb on counters, or the sofa if a kid has food. She tries [...]

clearing the cobwebs

In an effort to clear the cobwebs around here, I’m going to sweep everything into a big ol’ pile (not a steaming one, but a pile nonetheless).┬áSince last we chatted, on Eleanor’s birthday, life has been nothing short of insane. My calendar is a mass of entries and so many colors I can’t see straight.
Here [...]

14 is the new….something

Bubba, our rescued Clumber, is 14 today. Various sources report their lifespan to be around 12 years. I know a few who have made it as far as Bubba, but not many at all. He’s not in great shape, what with bad hips and IBD and deafness, but he still eats with typical Clumber enthusiasm [...]

high maintenance

Every week I fill these boxes. For the dogs. True story.
Though this is the glorious four months of the year when I am younger than Mr C, I still feel ancient on a daily basis. But it’s nothing compared to my dogs. Bubba, our rescued Clumber, will be 14 in December. He totally acts like [...]

a very nice little word

Benign. Nice little word, don’t you think? It was my favorite word two days ago, when we finally got the results of Penguin’s biopsy.

A few months ago I found a tiny lump in Pen’s shoulder area. I took her to the vet, where they aspirated the lump. Nothing troublesome was found and we agreed to [...]