I Forget

My brain’s sieve-like tendencies are not improving with age. Shocking, no? I’ve always been easily distracted in an, “Oh look! Something shiny!!!” sort of way, but this is new. Here’s a sampling of things I have forgotten recently:

My blog turned 6 last month. I thought about it the week before, sort of planned a post, [...]


Forms. Paper. Bills. More paper. Did I mention paper? I hate them all. I’m knee deep in all the paperwork that goes into the smooth running of a household, and I just got rid of two large garbage bags worth of it. Most of that was Oliver’s art. The boy would like to hang on [...]

So That Happened

I have neglected this blog for too long. It’s not that nothing has happened. Too much has happened. Too many entirely blog-worthy things. It’s the words that didn’t happen. It’s not you. It’s me.
Here are the highlights, so to speak, in mostly chronological order:

I went back to Weight Watchers. On-line only this time. Much to [...]


Massive reductions in Pittsburgh bus service went into effect today. Service on my usual route to work has been reduced, meaning longer waits and even more over-crowded buses. The route that quickly and easily took Oliver and me to his school is gone completely. Oliver rides a school bus most days, but I have meetings [...]


I apologize in advance for this post. I find myself in the middle of a perfect storm with no good solution except to push through it. My frustration level is high, though I know a couple of months from now I’ll look back and think it wasn’t so bad.
We’re a one-car family. Except for a [...]

Four Five

Today is my forty-fifth birthday. Half way to ninety. Sheesh. Let’s not dwell on that. Not today.
Let’s catch up on a few things instead.

Knee surgery happened on December 14. Recovery has been uneventful. I go to physical therapy three times a week. Despite slacking on my exercises at home, the knee is getting steadily better. [...]

Raining and Pouring

Neighbor doc took at look at my knee on Friday night. House call, for the win! Anyway, he looked at the knee and the MRI results, and asked if I’d like to have a little surgery on Tuesday. It’s that, or wait until after Christmas, so I agreed. Getting all the pre-op testing done on [...]

Taking It On The Road: New York Edition

So you see how well this blogging in Pittsburgh thing is going, right? Yeah, not so much. Time to take this show on the road! I’m off to BlogHer ‘10 in New York later this week. Nothing has come up to thwart my efforts to attend, like last year. I have a plane ticket. (Two [...]

Now: Stormy Weather

Most mornings it is getting brighter at 7:30. This morning it was getting darker. Rain fell just as Oliver and I headed out to the bus stop. The first spots on the driveway were bigger than quarters. I foolishly thought the bus would come quickly, before we were soaked to the skin. Rain, lightning, thunder, [...]

Now: Old Patterns Die Hard

It’s the same every time Mr C takes a work trip. I plan to be in bed by 10pm every.single.night. And it never fails. Midnight comes and goes, and I’m still trying to get things done. Every trip I swear will be different, and it’s always the same.
So here I am, 11:55pm. I still need [...]