I’ve Been Holding Out On You

I’ve been a bad, bad blogger. Not only have I been ignoring my blog, I’ve been playing. With my puppy. For weeks now. And keeping him ALL.TO.MYSELF! I teased you back in August and then totally left you hanging. Not cool, I know. Or, in the words of one of my favorite local bloggers, “OK. This not posting stuff is bullshit.

Without further ado, I am pleased to introduce Clussexx Mashup, aka Hudson:

Hudson, on his first day with us, taken by Mr C

Isn’t he the cutest thing? We are utterly smitten and have been since the minute we set eyes on him. It was about six weeks ago, the day after we returned from a very long vacation in California that included Disneyland and San Diego, with BlogHer ‘11 thrown in at the end. Despite being completely exhausted, I couldn’t wipe the grin off my face for hours after I brought him home. He was a 5 month old, 40 pound, fluffy white ball of happiness with four legs and a tongue that’s three miles long. In other words? Perfection, right down to the kissing spot on the top of his head.

But like most puppies, he’s not really perfect. He’s a toddler who puts everything in his mouth. In this case, “everything” is my rugs, various pieces of furniture, and anything he can reach from the counters. The toddler analogy is a pretty good one. If our eyes can’t be on him, he’s in his crate. A good schedule is absolutely essential. And though the kids are getting to an age where gates on the stairs aren’t necessary anymore, we are keeping our gates because of the dogs.

It has been 10 years since we last had a puppy. This means we have forgotten a lot. The elderly dogs we have been living with have made us lazy and complacent. They haven’t destroyed toys or furniture in a long time. A puppy has jolted us right back to reality and we are learning a lot of lessons, mostly the hard way.

The casualties so far:

  • end table with a chunk removed
  • entryway bench with a chunk removed
  • cupboard with a chunk removed (sensing a trend?)
  • dining room table legs now with teethmarks
  • dining room rug with a frayed corner from being chewed
  • living room rug with a frayed corner
  • entryway rug with a frayed corner (yes, that’s another trend you’ve noticed. good job! have a cookie.)
  • dog blankets with frayed edges

On the upside, we are getting a bit more tidy. We have had to re-arrange all shoe and boot storage in the house, now relocated to a closet. We are all getting far more diligent about hanging up our coats. The kids hang their backpacks and take the things they care about up to their rooms a little more often than before Hudson joined us. They are also getting better about closing the gates so Hudson doesn’t wander up to their bedrooms or down to the basement playroom. I have already had nightmares that included Legos being surgically removed. Let’s hope those never come true!

You’ll be hearing and seeing more Hudson around here. In addition to keeping us on our toes at home, he’s been busy in the show ring too. Watch for a link that will make it easy to keep up with all things Hudson. I hope you’ll join us on what is sure to be the wildest ride in the kingdom.

  • http://www.halushki.com/ Josette at Halushki

    He’s gorgeous! Congrats!

    I’m pretty sure we have a new dog in our not so distant future, so I’ll be paying attention to any “new mama” stories.

  • Jennifer

    I’ve been enjoying seeing the arrival and integration of Hudson into your home via your updates! He is adorable. We are sans dog at the moment and really trying to figure out how to bring one back into our lives. We all miss having one, but are concerned that we can’t provide the attention one needs.

  • S Hauskrecht

    Love that article! Keep writing Kim and good luck on the dog shows!