Sympathy Card

Last night I finally screwed up the courage to write a sympathy card to friends who recently lost their dog. I hate writing that sort of card but it wasn’t just any dog. Luka was a Clumber spaniel and a very special friend of mine. I showed Luka when he was a puppy, and helped find him a new home when his first owners divorced. If I have done nothing else right in my life, I found the right home for Luka.

A few years ago Luka had hemangiosarcoma. His owners did the surgery, despite their vet saying the cancer would be back in 2-3 months. Luka lived another three years in good health. The cancer didn’t come back!

Clumbers like Luka are why I volunteer time and donate money to the Clumber Spaniel Health Foundation. I will miss the little Fluffa. I hope the card is a comfort to Luka’s owners.

[Card is from Positively Green, purchased at G Squared Gallery.]

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